Kavanaugh has been confirmed 50:48. That wasn't a surprise. What comes next however isn't the dismantling of women's rights in the US. (That comes later.) What comes next is much more terrifying.

For what it's worth, Kavanaugh shouldn't have been confirmed. Not because what he may or may not have done 36 years ago (btw, I believe that he was a drinker, and I believe Dr. Ford. But that doesn't matter. And, unfortunately, it never did.) but because he's unfit to the Supreme Court.

The way he behaved under pressure, the way he felt entitled to the highest honor a US judge can receive... it wasn't a stable man expressing his outrage. It was straight up mental. Whether it was a calculated tactic or not, it was not how a judge behaves, ever. (And if it was a tactic, any decent person would've refused to participate in such theatrics.)

Secondly, he shouldn't have been confirmed because these proceedings made the Supreme Court into a partisan battlefield. It was always political, the courts in the US always are and the highest court is no exception, but it wasn't partisan until now.

Republicans wanted to push the confirmation through because this is their only chance in the midterms. They need this to energise their base and make sure there's a high voter turnout. Only then do they stand a chance against the Democrats. Even so, it'll be a tough battle. (And even if they lose, which is far within the realm of possibilities, they at least filled their war chests and paid themselves dividends for their time after they've been sent home packing.)

What happened, essentially, is the Republicans trading 30-40 years of judicial control for a better chance at the midterm elections.

It makes one wonder about the erosion of the already crumbling democratic institutions. And about whether we've been content at not improving on a system so rapidly proving ineffective in the XXl. century. But that's not a problem for today. Not even one for tomorrow.

The Supreme Court's backlog is well-known. "Justice" Kavanaugh won't overturn Roe v. Wade just yet. And even if he tries, there are 8 other members of the court.

The clear and present danger is the same it's been since November 2016. The immediate problem isn't Kavanaugh, his ideological bend, or his temperament. It's not even the Republicans systematically emptying democracy as we know it to further their own short-sighted and small-minded ambitious.

The clear and present danger is the people they've enabled to do that. Maybe "people" isn't the right word here. "Mob" is a much better one.

Being conservative is it a problem; being a bloodthirsty fascist is. Standing up for what you believe in is it on problem, even if you believe abortion is a sin; lynching others for their beliefs is.

Trump's election win has already enabled the mob to violence. Kavanaugh's confirmation furthers that. We've already seen nazis march in the open - what comes next? Burning people? Beating them?

We'll have to be strong. If Democrats take the midterms, which they're likely to do, the mob will be furious and likely to lash out. If and where the Republicans win, they'll be further emboldened, perhaps to the point of violence.

These are violent, hateful creatures. There's no winning against them, because they draw strength from any outcome.

The only scenario where we can persist against this wave of hate is defending each other. Not letting their words or actions get to us. We shouldn't, we mustn't lash out at them, even if it feels warranted or just. Because once violence erupts, it'll consume both sides.

Be strong. Be patient. We'll get through it. And then we'll deal with the long-term effects.