There's an article in the New York Times about Facebook's "war room' that's supposed to safeguard the midterm elections. It isn't going to help, or not much.

Inside Facebook's Election 'War Room'

MENLO PARK, Calif. - Sandwiched between Building 20 and Building 21 in the heart of Facebook's campus, an approximately 25-foot by 35-foot conference room is under construction. Thick cords of blue wiring hang from the ceiling, ready to be attached to window-size computer monitors on 16 desks.

The largest misconception is that fake news sources are trying to manipulate the platform - that is simply not true. They're trying (and succeeding) to manipulate people. If someone can't spot a fake Facebook account, or unwilling to spend the extra 60 seconds it requires to determine the truth of a post, they shouldn't use Facebook. Or Twitter. Or whatever else.

Facebook can try and get ahead, but it's like going down into the Titanic with a bucket.

What they should do is invest resources in educating people. And the same goes for any other digital (or otherwise) communications platform, governments, NGOs, etc.

Facebook isn't the weak link, the people are.

Technology has gone past of our ability to use it, and while we can't take or rein that back (and we shouldn't, either) we can do our best to match it. Right now the majority of people aren't even doing the bare minimum. Or anything at all.

Oh, by the way, I'm starting a daily blog. (Again.) Details in the coming days, but I figure – hey, this is the first entry.