I've moved my Facebook app (and all my social media apps, save for Twitter) to the second page on my iPhone.

The first page now has nothing but either communication apps or productivity tools.

It's important to note that I have nothing against social media. (I have plenty to say against Facebook, but that's for another time.) I truly believe many if not most of these platforms are awesome, and most if not all of the problems we encounter with regards to the come not from the platform but from our inability to use it.

There's a reason why I use the tagline-bio-motto-whatever "digitally intelligent neohuman." I think digital tools expand our minds and enhance our capabilities. I think social media is an (if not the most) important communication channel for humanity, and one without which we would hit a hard ceiling in evolving into the future.

I do also think, however, that the lack of a proper ability to utilize them makes them distracting. I'm a champion of digital communication, and even I felt the need to cut down on my social media use.

Thus, to the second page they went.

I only did this a week or so ago, and already feeling the effects of it. I'm more focused, and for longer periods of time. When I unlock my phone, instead of Facebook, I may open a half-written note for my project and add a few thoughts; or throw around some rhymes and inch closer to the final shape of any one of the poetry pieces I have started; or read a good article on Medium I otherwise wouldn't have gotten around to.

My point is this: social media is tremendously useful and fun. But for it to be both of those things it has to be used properly. What's the point in having the most sophisticated communication tool in human history, if you don't use it as such?

Surely enough, on the short term, social media platforms make their money from precisely this practice of misuse. But in the long term it is what will either destroy them or degrade human communications altogether. (Maybe both. Evolution doesn't take steps backwards.)

And that's why I started to cut back on the instinctive but pointless social media use, and try being conscious about it.

Still love social media. But it has a place and function, and it's, at least for now, on the second page.