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… the last damn thing we need is yet another reason for not creating.

Greg Fazekas
Dec 6, 2022
1 min read
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Unblock Challenge, Day 17.

The internet did a lot of good. It shrunk the world into our pockets. But it also exacerbated our tendency to compare ourselves to others.

It’s never been easier to create and at the same time it’s never been easier not to either, because we think we’re worthless. Worthless compared to someone else in our field. (Or not in our field.) “Content creator” being an umbrella term used to replace “writer” and “photographer” and “filmmaker” because it’s easier. And it’s a slight dig at those of us who are writing, taking photos, or making videos primarily for the internet.

Being a creative person comes with its difficulties. We’re highly sensitive, battle with imposter syndrome day in and day out, perfectionism often rears its ugly head…

… the last damn thing we need is yet another reason for not creating.

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. We should absorb as much of others’ work as we can, and fuel our creativity with ideas and new perspectives. But it’s so easy to dance over the edge, and start comparing ourselves to our peers. Because they are our peers. They may have more experience, they may have found success earlier, they may have figured out how to express themselves.

I’ll tell you the one thing they do not have: your stories.

And any successful creative, whether a bestselling author, a popular blogger, or a YouTuber with tens of millions of subscribers will tell you straight up: it’s the work. They deal with the same issues you and I do. But they focus on the work, not on others.

Creativity isn’t a zero sum game, and there’s plenty of an audience out there for everyone. Lift others up, but never be paralyzed by their success. Its their own, and the world needs your stories, too. ❤️

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