Haven't done it in a while, but tomorrow I'm on a plane, so I packed. For Iceland!

I love to travel. Since 2012 I've lived in seven countries and visited some more. Seeing new places and getting to know new cultures is an incredible experience - and the only sure way to develop the tolerance and open-mindedness of which the world sorely needs more. Plus, it's fun.

I'm traveling to Iceland, for a trip that's mostly for work (I'll be spending the majority of my time with a client) but also a kind of vacation, for two reasons.

For one thing, a change of scenery is always good.

I've spent a lot of time as a 'digital nomad', moving from one country to the next, from one Airbnb or hostel to the next, working remotely. I still work that way, my clients are all over the world, but I came to realize traveling as a lifestyle doesn't suit me.

I value having a home base. Something fixed in an otherwise chaotic world constantly in flux. (Freelancer life, yo!) Yet, changing things up from time to time, whether it's small like breaking the daily routine or larger like going away for a week, can do wonders in relieving stress and improve productivity and creativity.

And so I value these changes of pace. As a creature of habit by default, I can often find myself in a rut. These are opportunities to avoid or remedy that.

And for another thing, it's Iceland!

I love that place since the first moment I stepped off the airplane in February 2014. Little did I know then, excited to start an internship, just how fundamentally this place would change my life and career.

Iceland will always be the place I regard as where I made myself into who I am. For years I've wandered around picking up pieces here and there, but it was in Iceland where it all came together. This island will always have a special place in my heart.

It'll be so good to be back.

I'm ready!