I'm a bit high, still, from the premiere of Doctor Who.

It was a brilliant piece of storytelling, a great multilayered introduction of a female Doctor, and just fun to watch through and through.

I'm not an 'OG' Whovian - like with so many things I got to the party late. (courtesy of the pop and other cultural black hole that my home country so often can be.) I came in when David Tennant was the Doctor, and no matter how genuinely brilliant Jodie Whittaker may be (and if this episode is any indication, she'll be mind-blowingly awesome) he'll always be "my Doctor".

(As a side note, it's interesting how we appropriate iconic and reinvented characters and presences based on when we encountered them.That can be a character or a real person, a service, whatever. "My Star Wars" or "my James Bond" or even iterations of the essentially same thing: "my Twitter" and the like.)

But that, too, doesn't matter; and to me that's the single most brilliant concept of Doctor Who. They created a character they can not only recast and reboot and reinvent over and over again, but it's actually part of the story.

And that's also the most interesting part for me. I'm at a point in my life and career where my brain is in perpetual overdrive for reverse engineering entertainment. It doesn't distract me from just enjoying great content, it's simply a continuously ongoing process in my head. And the new Doctor Who is a treasure trove for that, too.

Watching how the creators approach the reinvention of the character is enlightening. Observing the audience reacting to it is endlessly fascinating. The meta of the series is incredible. (Yes, I have a meta fetish.) And on the most basic level, the storytelling method is educational.

Do yourself a favor, and watch Doctor Who. (If you haven't already.)