Sonnet (to Ember)

A sonnet.

Greg Fazekas
Jun 18, 2014
1 min read
Image credit: Meshfire

If we to tweet, who will help clear the noise?
Is there a path to find that sets us free?
As sweet as air, as graced as women’s poise,
As bright as light, and smart to know our need?
So long we searched, so long we tried to find,
Like love itself: elusive prize to claim;
Many have tried, but few could walk the line,
What should be fun is now in stress and shame.
But here’s this girl, all fired up to play,
Our tweets are her music, she’s here to dance;
Killing boredom, with poise and ease she came,
No goal’s too huge, no “post and take a chance”.
Ember, darling, we welcome Thee to stay,
Help us make this crazy world of ours great!

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