As a matter of fact, I'm writing almost all the time. Granted, that's a fairly liberal interpretation of the term.

"Pen and paper are for sissies." (Toby Ziegler)

(It's possible I'm misquoting. But the point is there.)

Writing, at least for me, doesn't necessarily start and end with putting down words. That is the part that I (should) do the most, but there are things I do, enjoy doing,  and aren't the act of putting words onto paper (or screen) that very much are part of writing.

1. I think a lot

All the time, my brain is working on finding solutions for problems (plot, character, world building...) even when I'm doing completely different things. And you'd think this goes without saying, but here we are...

2. I make podcast(s)

Podcasting is something I love to do. And I'm lucky that I've found a great guy in Martyn Currill, with whom I'm producing the "Writerings' podcast. That today just started its second season, so some shameless plug won't be out of line here.

Writerings by Martyn Currill and Greg Fazekas on Apple Podcasts

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It's good to talk shop with fellow writers. You learn a lot, get inspired, and have a good time.

I also have other podcasts in their planning/conceptual stages. It's a medium I feel comfortable in, and want to expand to cover more areas of my interests. You can check my Anchor profile, which serves as a central repository for all my audio projects.

3. I tell stories

I mentioned already how I love playing and experimenting with different media, and especially mixing them.

I just put out the word today about such a thing.

I'm planning to run a (virtual) tabletop campaign, set in my own science-fiction universe, and produce an audio drama series from the gameplay sessions. l 'm superbly excited about this.

One, it's a fun thing to do. l've been playing tabletop (and computer-based) roleplaying games since I was a teenager.

Two, it's a constant test of the coherence of my world building. Both a testing ground and a showcase.

Three, I can tell more stories. Writing is fun, but as much surprising as your own characters can be at times, nothing's more unpredictable than letting others explore that world. And l 'm looking forward to be surprised at the things I'll learn about any own creation. (And the lessons I'll learn about telling stories in general.)

And, it's kind of a podcast, too.

See? It's not all about writing. (Yet it is.)

The way my brain works is that it keeps connecting things. I can never just write a single story - it has to connect somehow to everything else.

I struggled a lot with this before finally accepting and learning how to take advantage of it.

Yes, it has to be connected, but it's up to me how. It can be a sequel, a prequel, or something completely different set within the same universe. The audience doesn't need to know the connection, I do. (But, in the long term, loyal readers will be rewarded when the connections finally reveal themselves.)

It's a lot of fun working this way, if at times a wee bit annoying. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

(And it's not like I have a say in the matter. It is what it is.)